Five Startups Accepted into the Innovate Longmont Accelerator Program

Longmont, Colo.: Five Longmont-based startups have been accepted into the Innovate Longmont accelerator program.

Those startups include:

  • Momentum Optics
  • Truve!
  • WinterWinds Robotics
  • Smart City Analytics
  • FlatDroneMaps

Momentum optics is creating the next generation of optical lens manufacturing technology.  Using their unique tools, their goal is to disrupt the optics industry by addressing the unmet need for affordable custom optics that can be delivered ultra-fast.

“We work, live and play in Longmont and are now thrilled to be a part of an exciting new accelerator located in our community.  We are looking forward to engaging with Innovate Longmont and the program’s team of mentors and business leaders.  This is fantastic opportunity for us to improve our go-to-market strategy, develop pitch materials, prepare for investments and engage with other like-minded entrepreneurs,” said Jeremy Goeckeritz, founder and CEO of Momentum Optics.

Truve! aims to deliver the best of a specific anything that is nearest you.

“Our team is ecstatic to be part of the first cohort.  We see this opportunity as invaluable in helping to prove our concept, showcase the local value and launch the disruptive processes and technologies into the broader community,” said Hermine Ngomire, founder and CEO of Truve!

WinterWinds Robotics is developing technology that improves the interactions between humans and robots in industrial, research, and space endeavors.

“We are honored to be accepted into the Innovate Longmont program. It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Longmont, and Innovate Longmont’s enthusiasm for startups is palpable and inspiring. I look forward to gaining momentum while going through the program, and can’t wait to give back to this amazing city,” said Valerie Eastman, CEO of WinterWinds Robotics.

Smart City Analytics aims to make it simple to understand digital data about what makes a place thrive. Their technology synthesizes data from digital sources to help urban place managers, governments, city planners and property developers better understand the nuances of place making, urban place management and community development. 

“Smart City Analytics is pleased to join the network of Innovate Longmont and collaborate with their team to advance our product development, financial modeling, branding/marketing and talent acquisition strategies,” said Jason Dennison, founder and CEO of Smart City Analytics.

FlatDroneMaps is an all-in-one service for refined aerial maps and 3D models of Colorado properties. They provide aerial intelligence for Colorado industries by capturing high resolution photos and transforming them into maps and 3D models for cost effective insights and analysis.

“Innovate Longmont is leading the charge on creating sustainable accelerator programs in Colorado, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the program in 2020. We’re looking forward to becoming a part of the Longmont ecosystem and serving businesses in the Longmont area,” said Ryan Shea, founder and CEO of FlatDroneMaps.


About Innovate Longmont: Innovate Longmont is a startup platform for entrepreneurs with innovative and transformative ideas. At Innovate Longmont, we invest in our local entrepreneurs by running accelerators, funding startups, and building innovative products in our in-house studio. Innovate Longmont is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

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