Press Release: Six Startups Accepted into Innovate Longmont Accelerator Fall 2020 Program

Longmont, Colo:

Six startups have been accepted into the fall 2020 Innovate Longmont, non profit run Accelerator program. This exciting Consumer Goods focused program will be held  over the course of ten weeks beginning September 21, 2020, with a Demo Day virtual event on Dec 10th. During the accelerator program, startups will participate in a shared retail space, attend a variety of sessions to improve their skills, connect with mentors and industry experts, get access to perks, and more. 

Those startups are:

  • Edboard
  • iLoky
  • Bushwhack Life
  • Graphic Revival
  • The AFTER Company
  • Johnny Sugar Confections

“We are beyond excited to be participating in Innovate Longmont. We know that the mentorship and skills we will receive from Innovate Longmont will help EdBoard achieve its goal of inspiring future generations of young learners to excitedly pursue STEM education,” said Richard Franklin, co-founder and marketing director for Edboard.

EdBoard Technologies is an ed-tech start-up specializing in developing tools that help children between the ages of 5-11 discover their passion for and confidence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. They use electronic, magnetic components and story-based lessons to create a fun experience while also teaching children how electrical engineering affects their daily lives.

“iLOKY is really excited to participate in the Innovate Longmont Accelerator, We have heard amazing things about the accelerator and can’t wait to see what the accelerator can do with our startup,” said Robert Gutierrez, founder and CEO of iLoky.

iLoky is an Ad Tech startup that places internet connected smart screens on top of rideshare and delivery vehicles, to run hyper-targeted time, location, and weather-based advertisements at the street level for brands, businesses and nonprofits. 

“I am extremely excited to be a part of this cohort of the Innovate program for the many connections I will make, as well as guidance from individuals who have been successful at building their respective businesses and brands,” said John Alex Vespa, founder and CEO of Bushwhack Life. “

Bushwhack Life handcrafts and sells physical products with the intention of being able to “Do More With Less”. They currently have three products: Bush Spray, Slick Stick, and Bush Pase.

“I’m thrilled to be participating in the upcoming Accelerator program. Having the support and resources available to startup companies such as mine is a huge asset in the community. Longmont has always had a strong and supportive business culture and the addition of this program makes it more so. I’m looking forward to gaining some access to tools, advise on funding sources as well as connecting with mentors that can help me navigate the complications of starting a product-based business, which is new for me,” said Amy Lane, founder and CEO of Graphic Revival. 

Graphic Revival is on a mission to create a better planet together, and do it with style. The way they do this is by upcycling curated vintage and other graphic tees into stylish one-of-a-kind shirts. 

“I am excited to be accepted into this accelerator program because I feel like this opportunity will help guide me to build a sustaining business faster than on my own,” said Lisa Marie, founder and CEO of AFTER company. 

The AFTER Company is innovating the world of bereavement gifts by offering products that help heal instead of trying to fix.

“’I am very grateful to have been accepted into the Accelerator Program! It is a wonderful opportunity for me to take my small business to the next level,” said John Parkinson, founder and CEO of Johnny Sugar Confections. 

Johnny Sugar Confections specializes in french macarons but is expanding its range of products to include chocolate, cakes, and cookies.

About Innovate Longmont: Innovate Longmont is a startup platform for entrepreneurs with innovative and transformative ideas. At Innovate Longmont, we invest in our local entrepreneurs by running accelerator programs, connecting local organizations and resources and offering  unique events to connect the local startup ecosystem. Innovate Longmont is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and is designated as a North Metro Enterprise Zone contribution project. Innovate Longmont is exclusively funded by the Longmont Economic Development Partnership and seeking additional funding and partners as we grow. If you are interested in supporting entrepreneurship please get in touch by emailing

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