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All applicants must meet the following minimum criteria in order for your application to be considered:

  • Documented plan to business formation. This can be a traditional business plan or non-traditional path to market that reflects a strategic growth and action plan.
  • Majority of business operations must be in Longmont.
  • Not currently involved in another full-time incubator or accelerator program.
  • Able to fully commit time to the development of the business, including coaching, mentoring, and special events.
  • Evidence of innovation.
  • Willingness to participate in marketing materials and to report economic data to Innovate! Longmont.



INNOVATE! LONGMONT applications are evaluated through the lens of the following characteristics. Please take these criteria into consideration when completing your application.

  • EXECUTION: The application is our first introduction, get off on the right foot. Successful applicants have a big vision, but also pay careful attention to detail.
  • TALENT: Do you have what it takes to lead your venture to success? Strong applicants exhibit characteristics of extraordinary leadership: vision, intelligence, resilience, and follow-through.
  • PROBLEM/SOLUTION: Does your venture identify a real and pressing problem and propose a viable solution? Strong applications effectively and narrowly define a pain point and outline a solution that addresses the pain point.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Strong applicants understand resource limitations and have a plan for business sustainability through potential economic and financial pitfalls.
  • IMPACT: Successful applicants demonstrate significant impact as a core part of their venture. We look for impact both in terms of how impactful the core product or service is, and how scalable the model is to spread this impact.
  • INNOVATION: How is your solution to a problem different from current solutions? What sets you apart? There is value in audacious ideas that disrupt the status quo and move the needle on 21st-century challenges. Think big!
  • COMMUNITY: A successful applicant demonstrates a commitment to their community. How does your business venture complement and enhance the Longmont community?
  • CULTURE: Strong applicants understand the importance of culture to the success of a business venture.

Innovate! Longmont Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to Innovate! Longmont. Unfortunately, our cohort is currently full. If you are interested in receiving updates on when the application process will be reopen, please send us an email to