Our Ask on Mentoring.

Some people call it a mentor manifesto, others call it giving back or paying it forward, we call it the most important thing STARTUPS NEED: active, effective, engaged people who have been there and done that. Otherwise known in the startup world as MENTORS.  

Successfully or not, we learn from what we do, and it can’t be bought. We can buy developer time, better equipment, Google or social media ads and more, but we can’t buy the connection to the right developer that saves us thousands of dollars of wasted time in the hiring process or re-hiring after a bad hire. We can’t buy the knowledge you have gained over years of experience in negotiating, accounting, legal issues, partnerships, fundraising, marketing and more.  There are no right or wrong answers, only your genuine sharing of that invaluable information and your war stories from the front lines of battles won and lost, and the real kicker comes when it is freely given without expectation of return or payment. We are a community that will uphold the belief and practice direct that “The success of the companies are a direct result of the generous contributions of mentors”-Techstars mentor manifesto.

So what does it mean to “SIGN UP” to be a mentor with Innovate Longmont?

Maybe you are already mentoring with several other accelerators and startup programs, maybe you are stretched thin with your company demands, maybe you aren’t sure if your specific expertise will be needed or appreciated, maybe you are ready to retire and just take it easy with  no pressure. 

Well, we want you!  

All verticals, all stages of startups will be connected through our hub and accelerator program. 
-You decide who to work with when an ask comes through, we are building a database to be ready for matching at just the right time, but you are not obligated or committing by signing up. It could be one email connection, one session with a founder/team, ongoing mentoring if that works out, or delivering content in a session or webinar as needed. 
Multiple disciplines needed, it’s not all tech or coding, we need every aspect covered from investors, mental health professionals, social media and marketing, legal, strategy, prototyping, you name it. 

You get: 

-To be part of this growing ecosystem and play an important role in it’s development (community)
-VIP Invitations to all events 
-Highlight (if approved) on our website
-First look at startups coming through the accelerator program
-Mentor rate on Innovate Longmont sponsorship
-Annual recognition event

Ready to become a Mentor?