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Put Your Website on the Firing Line

Innovate Longmont is launching a new event series titled Firing Line. Put your website on the “Firing Line” and get invaluable complimentary feedback, tips and recommendations from our panel of experts. No preparation or presentation needed, the panel will review your website live and provide rapid fire brainstorming on what

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Momentum Optics Awarded Colorado Advanced Industries Grant

For Immediate Release: May 27, 2020 Momentum Optics, a Longmont-based startup leveraging semiconductor processing techniques to develop an innovative manufacturing technology capable of producing optical components about 10X less expensively and 5-10X faster than traditional methods, was awarded a $250,000 grant as part of the Colorado Advanced Industries Grant program. 

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Five Startups Accepted into the Innovate Longmont Accelerator Program

Longmont, Colo.: Five Longmont-based startups have been accepted into the Innovate Longmont accelerator program. Those startups include: Momentum Optics Truve! WinterWinds Robotics Smart City Analytics FlatDroneMaps Momentum optics is creating the next generation of optical lens manufacturing technology.  Using their unique tools, their goal is to disrupt the optics industry

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